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The 9th Annual Fall Conference in Orlando

The 9th Annual Fall Conference in Orlando was a smashing success!  Click here to watch the video rewind.

Some of the highlights of our time together included:
+ An incredibly packed Exhibit Hall, filled with valuable information from a variety of presenters.
+ A Workshop on “Introductory Skin Surgery and Biopsy Techniques” with Christy Kerr, MPAS, PA-C.
+ A session on “Dermoscopy” with Jenni Holman, MD.  
+ The Product Theater – PRISTINE: In Adult Chronic Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis: A Trial Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Enbrel, presented by Paul Wallace, MD
+ Dr. Matthew Zirwas’ two-part session on “Things You Hate to Treat: Itching, Burning or Pain Without a Rash.”  

+ Dr. Johnnie Woodson’s sessions on “Cutaneous Bullous Disease” and “Issues Affecting Skin of Color.”
+ The 2nd Annual Diplomate Reception, held at Orlando’s Sea World Resort. Dr. Brian Berman presented a warm welcome to our Diplomates on behalf of the AAD.
+ All of the excellent time together spent with other Derm PAs over meals and at the conference mixers.