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Partner with us is the only official online media resource of the SDPA. Which means it taps into the nationwide network of more than 3,000 derm PAs and dermatologists and their practices as well as trusted industry partners.

On average, gets more than 11,000 visits a week with those numbers spiking during an SDPA event (June and November). Overall website traffic to Dermcast has grown by more than 35% since its launch in October 2008! Viewers can watch video highlights of a recent event, download & listen to an audio podcast of a lecture they missed or see what other derm PAs are saying about legislative updates.

Our industry partners have experienced great success with their campaigns and we continue to offer organic inbound marketing opportunities for partners big & small. We’re excited to show you what can do for your business. Here are a few ways you can partner with us:

Pre-produced Media Placement / Media Buy

This traditional approach has worked really well for several of our partners. Videos that already exist are placed on and partner’s logo is placed throughout the site, driving viewers to the custom-built page.

Email Marketing Campaign

During the SDPA’s Summer and Fall conferences, we send an email out to all of the SDPA members, providing them with conference highlights. It’s usually difficult for our members to attend every single session so the emails are a great digest of what happened. Your company logo will appear on the emails as well as the highlight pages. (pictured below: a screen shot of an email campaign Promius sponsored in the Fall of 2010)

Organic Branding

Let our team of media professionals create a video that features your brand. It can be an event highlight video, a viral piece that plays via social media, man on the street, exhibit hall highlights, etc. The opportunities are endless and we can help.

For more information, please contact Robert Higham, Industry Relations Chair for the SDPA, at rhigham [at] dermPA [dot] org.

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