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Partner with us

Partner with us

Be a part of, or become an SDPA industry partner, and get your product in front of more people.

During the past decade, has created an extensive library of more than 650 audio and video podcasts and interviews that anyone with an interest in dermatology can access via the website, iTunes or their smart phones. Thousands of dermatology clinicians from across the country listen to the podcasts on their daily commutes, at the gym, during their runs, breaks at work, and more. And they are using the videos as a tool to gain more knowledge and information about issues and topics pertaining to dermatology. on iTunes consistently ranks as one of the top commercially available podcasts for Dermatology. We have captured the attention of our unique audience, and they are listening and watching. The opportunities for industry partners to connect with this engaged audience is endless. is a great way for your company to promote new products and services, or time release interviews, round table discussions, sponsored podcasts or customized videos from a scientific meeting or their home office.

Our media team can work with you in customizing your experience. Current and past partners have enjoyed great success with, appreciating how easy and affordable we make it for them.  As many who have worked with us in the past will tell you, our motto is, “we’re flexible.”

Please see our  available packages and offerings below. We can customize a package for you, meeting your expectations and budget. We like new ideas.  If there is something you want to try, and it isn’t listed here, let us know. We’ll be happy to work with you to make it a reality. Options


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For additional questions, please contact the SDPA at or 1-844-DERMPAS (844-337-6727)


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