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The 100,000th NCCPA-Certified PA is a Derm PA! Dermcast Interviews Polina Burt

The NCCPA has announced that the 100,000th certified Physician Assistant is a derm PA, Polina Burt.  Ms. Burt (Brooklyn, NY) is also a new member of the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (SDPA). Dermcast had the exclusive opportunity to interview Ms. Burt, and we present to you her wonderful story.
Polina Burt and her family immigrated from the Ukraine to Brooklyn when she was very young.  She is very proud to be the 100,000th NCCPA certified PA, particularly as a derm PA.
Ms. Burt’s interest in becoming a PA was sparked during her work in clinical research.  Her interactions with PAs broadened her awareness of PA practice.  Their ability to diagnose and prescribe while also spending sufficient time with each patient inspired her to apply to Hofsta University’s Physician Assistant program.  
Out of all the students in her class, Ms. Burt was one of only two graduates to specialize in dermatology.  In discussing her choice of dermatology, Ms. Burt expressed that a lot of people simply “don’t give dermatology the credit that it deserves.”  
“I love the specialty,” Ms. Burt added, “because you see what’s wrong, you treat it, and you see the results…you can really change how a person feels about themselves.”  
After graduating from Hofstra University in Long Island, New York, Ms. Burt was hired at the dermatology office of Dr. Michael Berry where she currently practices.  The practice sees over 100 patients per day, mainly treating general skin diseases such as eczema, acne, pre-skin cancer and skin cancer cases.  
Many of their patients don’t mind the wait because they know they will be seen by a doctor or PA that is willing to sit down with them in their visit: a perk, Ms. Burt notes, of working with her supervising physician, Dr. Berry.  
Ms. Burt has learned a great deal in just 3 months of working as a dermatology PA, but is looking forward to the future education that will come through hands-on clinic experience and CME.  She looks forward to the opportunity to meet other Derm PAs at the SDPA Summer Conference in St. Louis this June.