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Product Theater – AKLIEF Cream: An Innovative Topical Retinoid for the Treatment of Acne


Faculty: Ted Lain, MD – Austin, TX

In this podcast product theater, Dr. Ted Lain reviews Aklief (trifarotene) 0.005% cream, a new topical innovation in the treatment of moderate to severe acne. Aklief is indicated for the treatment of acne vulgaris in patients 9 years and older. It is a topical retinoid that binds to RAR-gamma, which is the most common retinoic acid receptor of the skin. Dr. Lain reports the AAD recommends “retinoids as the core of topical therapy for acne because they are comedolytic, they resolve the precursor microcomedone lesion and they are anti-inflammatory.”


Dr. Ted Lain is a board-certified Dermatologist and Chief Medical Officer at Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Texas. After graduating with highest honors from the University of Texas, Dr. Lain obtained his joint medical/masters in business administration degrees from Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University in Houston, Texas. He then moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, where he completed his internship in Internal Medicine and his specialized training in Dermatology. 


Posted May 6, 2020