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An Important Update from the AAPA & SDPA

The following update was sent this week from SDPA President, Matthew Brunner, MHS, PA-C.

Dear SDPA Constituent:

In an effort to keep you informed on the NCCPA’s proposed model for a new PANRE, the SDPA has been working with the AAPA to make sure our members have the most current knowledge available to help them evaluate the proposed model.  Below are a few resources to aid you, as well as a few highlights from the AAPA’s resources.

AAPA has launched a dedicated news page to the NCCPA’s proposed PANRE.

The AAPA has performed “A Review of the Literature Cited by the NCCPA to Support the Proposed Changes to the PA Recertification Exam System.” The conclusion of the AAPA study shows that ‘the literature cited by NCCPA does not support changes it proposes to make in PA recertification requirements.’   In addition, we would like to point out the conflicting nature of the NCCPA’s message in that they have told AAPA that ‘CME does not work’ but then NCCPA also states that those who fail to score well enough on interval ‘core medical knowledge’ exams will be allowed to remediate through additional directed CME.

Finally, AAPA also asked an independent researcher with a PhD in survey design to evaluate the NCCPA’s survey on the proposed PANRE model changes sent to certified PAs this past week. “An Assessment of the NCCPA Survey Gathering Feedback from Certified PAs on the Proposed New Recertification Model” finds that ‘the survey instrument itself is problematic.’  The evaluator found that by presenting all of the “positive arguments” for the proposed PANRE model and then asking questions about the proposal; ‘the survey doesn’t present any of the potential objections.’  Furthermore, the researcher found that ‘the questions are generally structured to elicit favorable responses.’

The SDPA and AAPA encourage all PAs to provide comments, concerns and feedback to NCCPA and to share your views with other PAs.  We also ask you to submit your comments and concerns to NCCPA via email prior to the June 15, 2016 deadline for comments and to copy AAPA at

In service to you,

A. Matthew Brunner MHS, PA-C
SDPA President