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Ocular Dermatology

Douglas DiRuggiero, DMSc, MHS, PA-C dives into the different dermatology diseases of the eye and tells the audience what they should be looking for to arrive at the proper diagnosis for their patients.

“We send our patients off for an annual dialated eye exam because of a history of melanoma. We feel like only the opthamologist can see the back of the eye and tell you if you have melanoma. But a fair number of melanomas are acutally being diagnosed on the iris itself, on the uvula area – what YOU can see. That’s why I tell my patients…’look at my nose, stare right at my nose.’ I’m looking at the color of the eye to see if there is any change that is there.”


Douglas DiRuggiero has over 22 years of clinical experience in Dermatology. He is a nationally recognized medical lecturer, accomplished founder and President of several dermatology societies, and a passionate dermatology teacher. He has been awarded a National Clinical Science Award for published research and Clinical Preceptor of the Year by NP, PA, and Residency programs. Mr DiRuggiero is a skilled lecturer who has provided presentations at over 50 conferences, awarded the Humanitarian PA of the Year for the state of Georgia, and the 2018 recipient of the Presidential Volunteer Service Lifetime Achievement Award. He completed his doctor of medical science degree with an emphasis in health care leadership and evidence-based research in May 2019.

Posted March 3, 2020