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An Important Update on the AAD’s DermCare Team – From Vicki Roberts, SDPA Pres.

Dear SDPA Members,

Since the AAD announced its DermCare Team to our members, we have been working tirelessly to formulate an official policy on the DermCare Team as well as to provide guidance to our members.  As of our last conversation with the AAD regarding the DermCare Team, in November 2013, the dermatologist and the PA/NP would have to attest that they will abide by AAD’s policy statement regarding supervision.

Here is an excerpt from this policy that pertains to PAs and NPs:

The optimum degree of dermatologic care is delivered when a board-certified dermatologist, as defined here, provides direct, on-site supervision to all nondermatologist personnel.  Each practice should maintain written procedures regarding appropriate delegation and supervision protocols for all personnel within the practice.

When practicing in a dermatological setting, non-dermatologist physicians and nonphysician clinicians such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, consistent with their appropriate training and experience should be directly supervised by an on-site dermatologist and have timely review of their medical records.  For those rare instances, under extenuating circumstances, when a dermatologist is not available on site, there should be written protocols outlining how a patient is to be seen by a nonphysician clinician.  Within 24 hours, these patients should be presented to the supervising dermatologist, either in person or via teledermatology.  In addition on rare occasions, when direct supervision is not possible, a supervising dermatologist should always be available via phone or electronic communication

To see the entire document, go to:

Since you, the members, are the SDPA we are soliciting your input on how this policy would affect your clinical practice and relationship with your collaborating physician.

Please send all your comments regarding this by March 10, 2015 to with DermCare Team in the subject line.

Your comments will aid in the development of the SDPA’s official policy statement on the DermCare Team and will be used in our discussion with the AAD Board on March 22, 2015.

Thank you,



Vicki Roberts, MPAS, PA-C
SDPA President, Diplomate


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