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Update on American Academy of Dermatology’s DermCare Team

The leadership of the Society of Dermatology PAs (SDPA) and AAPA continue to communicate our concerns about the American Academy of Dermatology’s (AAD) DermCare Team program. Our primary area of disagreement with the DermCare Team was that members would be required to attest that a dermatologist would provide “direct on-site supervision.” The fact that this requirement is inconsistent with state laws and with standard practice was communicated to AAD in writing, and during meetings with AAD leaders.

In order to evaluate the attestation and its current policies, the AAD recently launched a survey on specific aspects of team practice for its members who collaborate with PAs or NPs. SDPA and AAPA encourage PAs who work with AAD members to talk with their collaborating physicians about the importance of accurately completing the survey. We strongly believe that an accurate picture of how PAs and physicians practice together will be a benefit to the AAD. This will also assist in our efforts to address the current issues surrounding the DermCare Team program.

Additional information on the DermCare Team and the ongoing SDPA and AAPA joint response can be found on the associations’ websites. For additional information contact Jennifer Winter, SDPA public education committee chair, or Ann Davis, AAPA vice president for constituent organization outreach and advocacy.

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