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Twitter 101: An Intro to Twitter for the Derm PA


Twitter is a significant social media tool for people of all walks of life.  Find out how being on Twitter can help you as a Derm PA.

We know you’ve heard of Twitter.  Maybe you’re already on Twitter, and you love it.  But if you’re not sure what Twitter is – or why it’s important to you as a Dermatology Physician Assistant, read on.


What Twitter is

Twitter is a simply a conversation space.  

It is an opportunity to listen, and a place to learn more about the topics and people that matter to you.  

Think of Twitter like an endless global conference where there are thousands of “rooms” with different conversations taking place.  Some people are talking on Twitter about large topics–savvy technology sneak peeks, medical advances, secret travel tips, even the best restaurant hide-aways in different locales.  


What Twitter is not

Twitter is not a place to report to others the boring details of what you are eating and drinking (“just had cereal for breakfast”), though admittedly some people do use Twitter in that manner. It is not a place to blow off steam (“Ack! My supervising MD is in a terrible mood today.”) When you tweet, you are speaking in a public sphere. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority of new Twitter users never learn how to use Twitter properly.  They give up, because they haven’t learned how to search out the best conversations, to follow the more interesting “talkers” (aka “tweeters”).  In short, they never learn how to listen well, and join in the conversation.


Why Twitter is great, particularly for Derm PAs

Twitter is a great place to connect with people who share your interests, both personal and professional. Interested in keeping up with the latest dermatology news?  You can do that on Twitter. 

Want to find out about cutting-edge CME courses, and even connect with other derm PAs in your area?  You can do that on Twitter, also!

It’s also a great way to connect to your patients, and even help bring in more patients to your practice.

At its best, Twitter is a place to share valuable (and fun!) information while still making real-life connections to people in your world.

Next week we’ll be discussing following, followers, @replies, and more.


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