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Tech Talk With Dr. Daniel Siegel


Dr. Daniel Siegel of Long Island Skin Cancer is also a Professor at SUNY Medical Center in Brooklyn. He shared some tech tips and tricks at the SDPA 2014 Fall Conference in San Diego.


Dr. Siegel has some time/money-saving tips for busy PAs:


Siegel’s Suggestions:


Microsoft Word

  • Never buy letterhead again! Scan or insert your logo and create your own letterhead. Changes are made easily and best of all, FOR FREE!
  • Learn Auto Text and Form Filling Functions for writing letters and recording/updating patient information.
  • FREE alternative: >> great software and easy to use


Other PA-friendly software application options


Goodbye Paper!


Dr. Siegel addressed the question of whether PC or Mac is the best option for today’s Derm PAs. He said he believes it is a philosophical question. As the cloud becomes more important, machine choice becomes less critical. He believes – like religion – what YOU choose should be best for YOU.


The topic of “Backup” was also discussed. Dr. Siegel said, “How you do it is not as important as doing it.” He suggested using removable USB, 1394 Firewire – eSATA – NAS – tapes, etc. He said they are all good and useful. He also mentioned online backup – there are plenty of choices “from free to fee.” Carbonite is his personal online backup preference (Code 38815 gets you and Dr. Siegel each one free month of Carbonite online backup!)


FREE Storage Options:


Have you ever had trouble sending large files via email? is a service that will allow you to do this with ease. Send videos of procedures, pictures from SDPA conferences, and huge PowerPoint presentations. According to Dr. Siegel, a good competitor is


Safe surfing on the internet is also a major concern for people around the world. Dr. Siegel warns people to “be afraid and take this seriously.” A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will let you surf protected. Dr. Siegel uses on his Mac.


Additional recommended applications/sites for your practice:


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