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Spotlight on PAs: Working Effectively with Your Supervising Physician

Every PA knows that the most important relationship in their work life is the one with their supervising MD.  It can be a complicated relationship, and sometimes not easily managed.  Below you’ll find three simple suggestions we have for making the most out of the working relationship between you and your physician.


1. Work Smarter: Request a Medical Assistant

We’d all like to increase our productivity at work.  One way to do this is to show your physician that you can do better and faster work with the help of a medical assistant working alongside you.  

Request a dedicated medical assistant or nurse to work with you on a daily basis.  Having the same assistant every day will ensure great teamwork.  You can point out to your supervising physician that having an assistant to manage room preparation and run down lab results will free you up to spend better time with the patients.  Even more, having an assistant will help you to spend your time doing the things that really bring more success to the practice.  Working with the same, dedicated assistant can dramatically increase the number of patients you see on a daily basis.  Use your leadership skills to learn how to effectively manage and delegate to your assistant so that you both succeed.  


2. Follow the Money.

It’s important that you understand the financial goals your MD has for the practice.  Learn now to contribute to those goals on a daily basis.  Being better versed in the financial goals of the practice will help you to better know how to meet and exceed those goals.  

Have you set your own financial goals?  Let your MD know what you would like in a comprehensive compensation package, including scheduling, and bonuses.  Be willing to negotiate on things like salary if the hours and benefit package is attractive to you.


3. Learn How to Market Yourself.

You are a valuable resource to the practice.  It’s important to know how to market yourself and your abilities to the community around you.  Both external and internal marketing are incredibly important.  

Of course, to some degree your success is built upon the staff’s ability to sell you to the patients.  First, the practice’s website should definitely include information about you, the PA.    If it doesn’t yet include you, find out from the webmaster how to make sure your bio is included online.

Additionally, it’s a great idea to go out into your local community and build a referral network for yourself, especially from general practice PAs and NPs.  The more professional relationships you nurture, the more word of mouth referrals you’ll bring to yourself, your physician and to the practice.

Finally, while salary, benefits and perks matter, we all want to feel like we are working in a respectful and professionally rewarding environment.   Be open and honest with your physician about your professional goals and how you see yourself best contributing to the practice.  A quality working relationship with your MD will be motivating and exciting to continue to excel in your professional life. 

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