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SDPA Summer 2017 Live Blog

SDPA Summer | Live Blog | What is the Clinical Relevance of a “Teachable Moment?”

(This is the final “Live Blog” from the SDPA’s Annual Summer Dermatology Conference 2017, held in San Diego, California. Be sure to look through our blog pages for the other Live Blogs from the conference.)

The morning of the 4th day of the SDPA’s Annual Summer Dermatology Conference began with an insightful lecture by Dr. Joslyn Kirby on the clinical relevance of a “teachable moment”. Part of being a clinician is trying to find a way to package the information we convey to our patients in a way from which these patients can learn. Dr. Kirby illustrated how she approaches imparting information to others through dividing the information into its level of significance in a simple and organized fashion. She reviewed different approaches to learning theory to help us find the best way educate our patients.

Next, Dr. Kirby reviewed our limits of memory and reinforced the importance of handouts. The handouts that we give our patients need to be written to the appropriate level of our patient’s reading comprehension. Furthermore, choice overload can cause a patient to become overwhelmed when they go to the store to purchase a product, therefore it helps if the clinician gives a few specific examples of these choices. Simple fonts and powerful, short sentences are best when devising a handout for patients.

Lastly, Dr. Kirby explained the approach of behavioral negotiated interviewing as a unique way to assist a provider in the approach of a patient who may be practicing unsafe behavior, such as tanning. It is important to offer a variety of options for these patients so that they can find one to which they are willing to commit. Asking questions is often more effective than telling patients what to do. The way in which we frame information effects how patients respond to the information.


Byline: Sarah Patton, PA-C, MSHS

Posted: June 4, 2017

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