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SDPA Fall 2016 Live Blog

SDPA Fall | Live Blog | What’s New And Important in Dermatology 2016

Today at the SDPA 14th Annual Fall Dermatology Conference Dr. Ted Rosen gave a lively lecture covering wide-ranging topics published in medical literature within the last year.

Did you know that health care sector is one of the most common settings for workplace violence aside from law enforcement? A New England Journal of Medicine article found that healthcare workers are more than 4 times likely to take time off due to violence than any other type of injury. This serves as a reminder to be cautious and alert.

From work place injury, Dr. Rosen moved on to smart phone use in medicine. Smart phones can aid in patient diagnosis through the use of photos, and can house current medication lists and specialist contact information.

Next Dr. Rosen reviewed some of the literature in regards to skin cancer.   We all know that main etiologic agent of skin cancer is sun exposure but what is the research in regards to this?  One study showed that female patients who have a history of 6 blistering sun burns in their lifetime and men who have a history of 10 blistering sun burns, there is a significant increased risk of developing nonmelanoma skin cancer and malignant melanoma skin cancers.  The correlation is highest with melanoma skin cancers.  He also discussed evidence women who are diagnosed with melanoma while pregnant were found to have increased rates of death, metastases and recurrence when compared to non-pregnant patients.

Dr. Rosen reiterated the research on sterile vs clean gloves and infection rates in cutaneous surgery. The research reveals no increased risk of infection using clean gloves vs sterile gloves.

Finally, good news for male hair loss patients with androgenetic alopecia.  Topical minoxidil foam 5% used BID was effective at stabilizing hair loss in men with frontotemporal and vertex androgenetic alopecia.


Byline: Sarah Patton, PA-C, MSHS

Posted: November 3, 2016

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