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SDPA Fall 2016 Live Blog

SDPA Fall | Live Blog | Product Theater Sponsored by Promius Pharma, LLC

Product Theater | “Sernivo: It’s All in the Vehicle”
Sponsored by: Promius Pharma, LLC

Presented by: James Q. Del Rosso, DO


James Q. Del Rosso, DO discussed the importance of the vehicle in the delivery of corticosteroid medications during his presentation “Sernivo: It’s All in the Vehicle” at the SDPA 14th Annual Fall Dermatology Conference.  Dr. Del Rosso related that most of us have been educated that an ointment delivery system is the most effective for corticosteroid, however many patients are not compliant when prescribed ointments as they find application difficult or undesirable.  Dr. Del Rosso introduced Sernivo® (betamethasone dipropionate spray, 0.05%), a topical steroid lotion delivered through a spray canister for the treatment of mild to moderate plaque psoriasis.  He explained that this formulation allows a balance of penetration, permeation and absorption of the corticosteroid into the skin.  Sernivo® has a high degree of clinical efficacy with an excellent safety profile as it does not contain any short chain alcohols which may irritate or dry the skin.

Dr. Del Rosso stated that this medication is applied twice daily for up to four weeks and application is to be avoided on the face, scalp, groin and intertriginous areas.  Sernivo® showed efficacy against hard to treat psoriasis areas including the knees and elbows.   Finally, Dr. Del Rosso highlighted an additional benefit of this product is a significant decrease in itching for the majority of patients.


Byline: Sarah Patton, PA-C, MSHS

Posted: November 4, 2016






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