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SDPA Fall 2016 Live Blog

SDPA Fall | Live Blog | Acne, Rosacea, Trends, Updates and Strategies

Risha Bellomo, MPAS, PA-C began her lecture this morning at the SDPA 14th Annual Fall Conference by emphasizing that the management and maintenance is our goal in the treatment of acne and rosacea patients as there is no “cure” for these conditions.   She relayed that compliance is a key issue with these patients and the importance of getting these patients to “buy” in to the treatment plan in order to achieve maximum efficacy and patient satisfaction.

Next, Risha presented a thorough discussion of the role of oral antibiotics in the treatment of acne. “In dermatology, we prescribe more antibiotics per provider than any other specialty”.  She recommended limiting oral antibiotic treatment to 3 months and no longer than 6 months. Having patients return frequently, limiting refills and discussing alternative or combination treatments were encouraged as tools of limiting these prescription regimens.

In addition to oral antibiotics, Risha discussed the numerous topical and oral medications we have in our toolbox for patients. An interesting medication that will start phase 3 clinical trials in 2016 is a nitric oxide releaser, which has the potential to affect all of the key pathogenic factors in acne.

Finally, Risha reviewed the 4 subtypes of rosacea and triggers.   She focused her discussion on rosacea around the disease process and biochemical pathways in rosacea. She stressed the significance of understanding the disease process as the key to comprehending the treatment options.  Calming rosacea skin is a key to treatment.    She also discussed matrix metalloproteases (MMP) and the upregulation of this factor seen in patients with rosacea, gliomas and Parkinson’s disease. Interestingly, tetracycline may be neuroprotective as it appears to decrease the risk of Parkinson’s disease in patients with rosacea.


Byline: Sarah Patton, PA-C, MSHS

Posted: November 4, 2016

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