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Promius: The Promise Steps In

In this Live Blog from the 2014 SDPA conference in San Diego, Promius Pharma talks about “The Promius Promise.” Here are some of the highlights.


The Promise Steps In

The Promius Promise is a unique pharmacy and concierge service from Promius Pharma. The service is available at no cost for all iPledge-enrolled patients prescribed Promius’ medication. Often overnight shipping is available for prescriptions that will ship direct to the patient.  Patients don’t have to wait in line or worry about a prescription shortage in their neighborhood pharmacy.  The Promise has a live US-based call center for any questions or concerns. 


Promius Promise Benefits …

  • Overnight shipping and tracking can save time and keep you informed of patient progress
  • Live US based call center to answer questions (8am-11pm EST)
  • Monthly reminders keep patients who choose, on track with appointments
  • $0 copay for eligible patients*
  • Patients can stay on your prescribed form of medication
  • Complementary reference materials for patients and office staff
  • Easy to prescribe


*Please call 888-959-7600 for eligibility requirements


The Promius Promise – Patients

  • 86% of patients with commercial insurance pay $0 for their prescription through the Promius Promise
  • 88% of patients are 14 – 35 years of age
  • Females of Child Bearing Potential make up 38% of patients


With the Promius Promise, E-prescribers comprise the greater portion of Promius Promise users. 95%+ patients opt-in to receive reminders from the pharmacy staff.


Regarding shipping, 91% of all eligible prescriptions are filled and shipped within four hours after receiving the details such as credit card and insurance facts from the patient. 69% of patients request medication to be shipped to their home, and 31% request shipping to an alternative address.


Who Can Benefit?

  • Busy teens who might not pay attention to directions
  • Professionals juggling career, family, and social activities
  • Patients who appreciate convenience and personalized attention


What “The Promius Promise” Means

  • Medication delivered on time at an affordable price
  • A knowledgeable call center to support your patients: assist with insurance concerns, specify patient out of pocket cost, apply rebate for eligible patients, and facilitate shipping
  • A dedicated team focused on getting the medication into your eligible patients’ hands quickly and easily.


Ultimately, the Promius Promise takes the load off of you, your team, and your patients. Materials can be obtained from the Promius Promise directly, or from your Promius Pharma rep.


Image: ditatompel

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