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Older Men Respond to Educational Skin Awareness Video

Older men are at higher risk of dying from melanoma. Many of these patients let their malignant skin cancers linger, unnoticed and untreated. This is unfortunate especially when melanomas that are removed in an early stage, and at a thickness of less than 1 mm, is associated with low mortality. Interventions are required and need to be tested for their success rate.

Responding to this need, Dr. Monika Janda conducted a study at the Queensland University of Technology. The study took a cohort of 930 men over the age of 50 and gave them either a brochure on skin awareness or the brochure in combination with a video on skin awareness and skin self-examination.

The men had materials in possession for 7 months before researchers checked back in. At this time, 62.1% of the men reported having done a clinical skin examination. The men who received the video were more likely to receive a full skin exam, and were also the group to have a greater percentage of malignant lesions (60% vs. 40% of brochure-only group).

The study found that older men respond well to educational skin awareness videos and are more likely to get a whole-body skin exam from their doctor after watching the video. In this case, many men received a whole body skin exam during which many malignant melanomas were found. If the video method can be implemented, older men will naturally come for skin exams, increasing the rate of thin malignant melanomas being found and treated before they grow and the mortality rate increases.  

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Image: Christiana Care

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