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Nonverbal Communication: Taking Cues from Your Patients

From the SDPA Annual Summer Dermatology Conference 2016, held June 1 – 5 in Austin, Texas.

Topic: Nonverbal Communication: Taking Cues from Your Patients
Faculty: Ted Rosen, MD, Lauren Zajac, MHS, PA-C, Joe Monroe, MPAS, PA

Learning Objectives:
1.) Learn the essential elements of non-verbal communication
2.) Differentiate non-verbal cues as they are different in differing cultures
3.) Recognize and understand the patient’s non-verbal cues indicating that the patient is unhappy with some element of the encounter, and which may threaten adherence to prescribed therapeutic intervention
4.) Understand and implement provider non-verbal communication techniques which improve the provider-patient interaction, thereby enhancing the likelihood of success in dermatological management

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