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Nickel in Tech Devices Shown to Be a Cause of Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis is a common diagnosis in many offices.  However, the exact cause of the irritation is sometimes less clear.

Recently reported in Pediatrics was an account of an 11-year-old boy diagnosed with allergic contact dermatitis from a reaction to nickel.  The doctors tested the boy’s iPad and found it was positive for nickel.  His reaction subsided with the addition of an iPad case, limiting the nickel exposure.

The fitness band company Fitbit recently recalled the Force device after 1.7% of its users complained of skin irritation.  Doctors found the reaction to be allergy to the nickel in the product.

With the heightened use of tech devices such as iPads, Fitbits, and cell phones, medical care providers should continue to consider the exposure and reaction to nickel as the source of allergic contact dermatitis.  

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Image: Brad Flickinger

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