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LIVE BLOG: Treatment of Inflammatory Dermatoses [Product Theater]

In this Live Blog, we cover Dr. Neal Bhatia’s Product Theater sponsored by Promius as he discusses the Group C costeroid, Cloderm.

Cloderm Basics

Indicated for the relief of inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses.  Cloderm is a Group C steroid, and this group label puts it above the rest.  Being a Group C steroid means that it is hypoallergenic.  As a mid-strength class 4 Steriod, the cream proves to be high in strength and low in adverse effects. The product had no evidence of HPA- Axis and for long-term use, there were no systemic, cumulative or delayed adverse events even when used for 7 months.

Lipid solubility is a major determinant of both drug absorption and drug penetration through the stratum conium.  Cloderm absorbs better than generic brands.

What’s in It?

Cloderm Cream contains three emollient ingredients—white petrolatum, mineral oil and stearyl alcohol

Active ingredient: Clocortolone pivalate


Important Safety Info

The most common adverse effect includes burning, itching, irritation, dryness, folliculitus.

You don’t think about the treatment that you’re using is actually causing the problem.  Be sure the patient is not allergic to steroids.


Clinical Applications and Patient Case Report with Cloderm Cream

Patient directed to apply cream to affected areas.  At one week marked improvement of symptoms was seen.  Pruritis had decreased from a score of 10/10 irritation to a score of 2 out of 10 and patient reported high satisfaction with therapy.  Restoration of the barrier was restored.


New Study Conclusions

Demonstrated similar TEWL reduction to Locoid Lipcream and better skin hydration than both Locoid Lotion and Locoid Lipocream.

Demonstrated better occlusion and moisturization than Locoid Lotion.


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