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Live Blog: The Evolution of Rosacea Therapy – Galderma Product Theater

In this live blog from the 12th Annual SDPA conference in Indianapolis, Dr. Julie Harper shared about the Evolution of Rosacea Therapy. Here are some of the highlights. 

Facial erythema of rosacea is caused by abnormal, prolonged vasodilation and/or increased number of cutaneous vessels. Vascular changes first manifest themselves as more prolonged flushing in response to triggers, episodes of erythema, and increased blood flow in affected skin.

Dr. Harper asked the audience to think back over the years that they have been practicing and reflect about the different ways they have been treating rosacea. Dr. Harper challenged the audience to think about the way that rosacea treatment is evolving.

Proper selection of rosacea treatment should address acute signs and symptoms and deter recurrence of long term symptoms. Until now, with the introduction of Mirvaso, there has not been an FDA-approved topical therapy available for the persistent (non-transient) facial erythema of rosacea.

In clinical trials Mirvaso was well tolerated. The safety and efficacy of Mirvaso topical gel was evaluated in 2 identical 4-week, randomized, vehicle-controlled trials as well as a 12-month open-label study. Once daily treatment was safe and well tolerated and onset of redness reduction was observed in as little as 30 minutes. Clinical trials also included a patient self-evaluation of the effects of Mirvaso. Long term studies of Mirvaso focused on the safety on using Mirvaso for 52 weeks and displayed continued improvement over the 12 month period.

Some adverse events were reported in clinical and long term trials. The most common adverse reactions included erythema, flushing, skin burning sensation and contact dermatitis. Mirvaso Gel should be used with caution in patients with depression, cerebral or coronary insufficiency, Raynaud’s phenomenon, orthostatic hypotension, thromboangiitis obliterans, scleroderma, or Sjögren’s syndrome.

Mirvaso Gel should be used with caution in patients with severe or unstable or uncontrolled cardiovascular disease. Serious adverse reactions following accidental ingestion of Mirvaso Gel by children have been reported. Keep Mirvaso Gel out of the reach of children.

Gladerma is also proud to introduce Oracea. Oracea is a once a day capsule and is the only FDA approved oral therapy indicated for the inflammatory lesions of rosacea. It is specifically designed for an effective anti-inflammatory response.

Results were seen in as early as 3 weeks and improvement continued through 16 weeks. Orecea has not been shown to contribute to antibiotic resistance.

Orecea is generally well tolerated and has been clinically shown to have fewer gastrointestinal side effects that generic 100mg doxycycline. Some common side effects in clinical studies were soreness in the nose and throat, diarrhea, sinus infection, high blood pressure, and an increase in aspartate amniotransferase in the blood. 

Image: Maigh

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