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LIVE BLOG: Product Theater – Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis and Seborrheic Dermatitis w/ Cloderm Cream and Promiseb Cream & Complete w/ Firas Hougeir, MD

In this Live Blog, we cover Dr. Firas Hougeir’s Product Theater as he discusses the Group C Steroid, Cloderm, and Promiseb Creme for seborrheic dermatitis treatment.


Cloderm Basics

Cloderm is a steroid indicated for the relief of inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses.  What sets Cloderm above some other steroid cremes, is its group classification.  As a Group C steroid, this means that it is hypo-allergenic so as a Class 4 Steroid, Cloderm proves to be high in strength and low in adverse side-effects.  The product had no evidence of HPA- Axis and for long-term use, there were no systemic, cumulative or delayed adverse events even when used for 7 months.


Age Restriction

While there is no age restriction on the product and it has been known to provide positive relief for a wide age span (toddlers through seniors), administering Cloderm in the pediatric setting must be done with caution.


Pediatric Study Quick Facts

Pediatric Subjects

  • For treatment of Eczema
    • 79% Cloderm Clearance vs 55% Placebo Clearance
  • For treatment of Psoriasis
    • 50% Cloderm Clearance vs 67% Placebo Clearance


  • 33 female: Flared a-topic dermatitis very itchy
    • twice daily for a week and the itch went from 10 out of 10 down to 2 out of 10
    • Proved strength with safety (low side effects)
    • Class 4 steroid
    • no age restriction
    • Allergy Group C
    • No Generic Alternative
  • USES
    • A-topical
    • Contact
    • Psoriasis


Promiseb and Promiseb Complete

Promiseb, an antifungal and anti-inflammatory creme, has shown itself comparable to the efficacy of a steroid creme with an impressive safety profile.  Without the active ingredient in the product, it can be used in place of or as a maintenance after steroid treatment.

  • STUDY 1
  • 77 patients with mild to moderate seb. dermatitis
  • 2x per day, 28 days
  • If dermatitis was clear at 14 day check in, then treatment was stopped through to the 28 day check in. 
  • Desonide did very well at day 14, and it continued to day 28
  • Promiseb did well at day 14 and continued at day 28
  • Results showed that Promiseb does just as well as a steroid
  • Continued Clearance
    • Promiseb showed 71% continued clearance to day 28, 
    • Desonide had only 14% continued clearance at day 28
      • Steroid use only lasted them a few months clearance
  • STUDY 2: Anti-fungal
    • 10 volunteers
    • Each patient had a treated site and untreated site 
    • Promiseb was applied twice daily to the treated site 
    • Treated site had 94% reduction
    • Untreated site had 49% reduction
    • Statistically significant difference in reduction between the two sites

Promiseb Complete is a kit that includes the crem and is accompanied by a scalp wash.  Use 3 times week then as needed.  The product will not discolor dyed or white hair.


[Image by Kevin Dooley]


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