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Live Blog: Product Theater – Promius Pharma LLC: Cloderm Cream and The Promius Promise

In this Live Blog from the 12th Annual SDPA conference in Indianapolis, Dr. Mark Kaufmann gave a Product Theater from Promius Pharma LLC and shared about Cloderm cream from Promius Pharma and The Promius Promise. Here are some of the highlights. 

What is Cloderm?

Cloderm has been used since the 1970’s. It is indicated for the relief of inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticostosteroid-responsive dermatoses. As a mid-strength class 4 Steriod, the cream proves to be high in strength and low in adverse effects. The product had no evidence of HPA- Axis and for long-term use, there were no systemic, cumulative or delayed adverse events even when used for 7 months.

Cloderm has emollient ingredients but isn’t greasy and the vehicle in Cloderm has no propylene glycole (which is very common, but very allergenic).  It is also fragrance and lanolin free!  Avoiding the allergens means Cloderm can be classified as a Class C, the only class that has none to low allergenicity.

Dosing options are available in a 90g tube, 75 g pump (helpful for amounts for children) and 45g tube.


Patient Case Report with Cloderm Cream

The patient was directed to apply cream to affected areas.  At one week marked improvement of symptoms was seen.  Pruritis had decreased from a score of 10/10 irritation to a score of 2 out of 10 and patient reported high satisfaction with therapy.  Restoration of the skin barrier was achieved.


Promius Promis for Isotretinoin:

The Promise is a unique pharmacy and concierge service from promius pharma.

The service is available at no cost to all for iPledge-enrolled patients prescribed Promius’ medication.  Overnight shipping is available for prescriptions that will ship right to the patient no matter their location in the US.  Patients don’t have to wait in line or worry about a prescription shortage in their neighborhood pharmacy.  The Promise has a live US-based call center for any questions or concerns.  They will even call, text, or email patients to give them reminders about refills and appointments.

The promise is important for patient access to isotretinoin. The drug was being denied at the pharmacy level for incomplete iPLEDGE files and missed 7-day windows.  One million prescriptions were written and 400,000 were denied.

To activate your use of the promise, you simply fax, call, or e-prescribe the prescription to the Direct Success Pharmacy.  Then they do the rest. 


The Rest:

+ Enroll and verify iPledge enrollment

+ Provide overnight shipping

+ Call patient to verify Rx was received

+ Manage frequent paperwork and send visit reminders to patient

+ Provide product with no co-pay for eligible patients

+ Provide complementary reference materials for patients


Performance Stats for the Past Year

95% of patients opted for text and email reminders for their refills and visits

91% of prescriptions were filled and shipped within 4 hours

25% of all iPLEDGE dermatologists have used the Promius Promise

13,000 patients have been supported by the promise.

86% of patients received their medication at $0


Dr. Kaufmann concluded, “So, who benefits from the Promius Promise?  The answer is everyone.”


Image: CaptPiper

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