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Live Blog: Burning Questions: Billing, Coding, Malpractice, Scope of Practice, and More. Faculty: Matthew Zirwas, MD and Douglas DiRuggiero, MPAS, PA-C

In this live blog from the Annual Fall SDPA Conference in Orlando, FL Matthew Zirwas, MD, and Douglas DiRuggiero, MPAS, PA-C, presented an interactive lecture called, “Burning Questions: Billing, Coding, Malpractice, Scope of Practice, and More.” Here are the hottest highlights.

Dr. Matthew Zirwas and Douglas DiRuggiero hosted a Q&A of questions related to the administrative and institutional best practices for PAs. The Q&A gave attending PAs the opportunity to dive deeper into the questions by submitting questions through an interactive web app to which Zirwas and DiRuggiero could directly respond.

Attending PAs were particularly interested in learning best practices concerning billing and coding. PAs appreciated the opportunity and time they had to clarify billing and coding concerns.

Dr. Zirwas provided PAs with a helpful tip to remember the essential principles for what qualifies as a malpractice lawsuit. “There has to be four Ds: Damages Due to Dereliction of Duty.” And the simplest way to remember the standard of care is to assess what a reasonably trained provider in your area would do. Standard of care applies to the city level.

Present PAs were surprised by the answer to the question, What is the best way for a PA to avoid getting sued? They learned the answer was, Collaborate well with your supervising physician. It was a helpful reminder and encouragement that communication is key between PAs and physicians.

There were more burning questions than the lecture could address in just an hour. SDPAs attendees were energized and inspired!

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