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LIVE BLOG: Bridging the Barriers of Acne Treatment [Product Theater]

This Live Blog discusses Dr. Neal Bhatia’s talk on the Promius Promise for iPledge-enrolled patients prescribed Promius’ medication. Promius Promise, “takes the pharmacy headaches out of the equation” according to Bhatia.


Promius has taken a step to make the lives of both patients and practices smoother when it comes to prescriptions and iPledge regulations.  By teaming up with an iPledge-certified pharmacy, the Promius Promise cuts out the pharmacy hassles when Promius drugs are prescribed. 

iPledge was designed as the result of many years of risk management attempts and programs designed to minimize pregnancy for patients.  Patients must comply with the guidelines, paperwork, test requirements, and follow-ups, however.  Because of the lack of compliance with these requirements, over 400,000 prescriptions were denied in 2010.


The Promise is a unique pharmacy and concierge service from promius pharma.  The service is available at no cost to all for iPledge-enrolled patients prescribed Promius’ medication.  Often overnight shipping is available for prescriptions that will ship right to the patient.  Patients don’t have to wait in line or worry about a prescription shortage in their neighborhood pharmacy.  The Promise has a live US-based call center for any questions or concerns. 



Send the prescription in


+ Enroll and verify iPledge enrollment

+ Provide overnight shipping

+ Call patient to verify Rx was received

+ Manage frequent paperwork and send visit reminders to patient

+ Provide product with no co-pay for eligible patients

+ Provide complementary reference materials for patients


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