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LIVE BLOG: AAD Update with David Pariser, MD, FAAD

In this Live Blog from the 10th annual SDPA Fall Conference, Dr. David Pariser, former AAD President, presents an update from the AAD.  This session is of particular interest for Derm PAs as we pursue further partnership with the Academy.  

Dr. Pariser asserts that health care in dermatology is absolutely a team effort, and that we as PAs are a crucial part of that team.
The Academy’s Strategic Plan…and How it Relates to Health Care Reform
Achieving measurable, demonstrable outcomes is a bit more difficult in derm.  As healthcare reform comes down the road, and as healthcare providers are paid by performance, the question is: What are we going to be measured by?  This is a key question to explore.
More than 98% of all Dermatologists are members of the AAD.  That’s more than any other specialty! 
IPAB: The Independant Payment Advisory Board
The IPAB is VERY important for us to understand. Reason for it? Politicians didn’t want to have to “cut” anything. So this board (IPAB) was formed to make whatever cuts needed, such that health care costs are cut, and codes will be augmented.
Things Identified as “Overpriced/Overpaid”…3 of the top 4 are Derm-related.  AKs, Mohs, and others.
The Major Tenents of the AAD’s Strategic Plan
1. Influencing positive change
2. Providing information, advice and guidance on clinical best practice
3. Helping navigate rapidly changing practice and socioeconomic environment
4. Supporting members in conducting research, delivering evidence-based derm care, and in achieving measurable, demonstrable outcomes.
Where do PAs fit?
Dr. Pariser encourages Derm PAs that more and more PAs will be needed to grow to match the needs of the specialty.   
The AAD believes to the MD to decide what things to delegate to the PA, and then document these things.  The AAD also believes the best care is provided in general when a MD is able to provide onsite supervision.  Dr. Pariser doesn’t want PAs hanging out alone, as he believes it is not best for PAs and not best for the physician.
Avg weekly patients: PAs sees 90 patients vs. 129 MDs
What do our AAD members think about educating PAs?
“We’re in favor of educating you.”
The majority of AAD members support educational sessions for PAs. 
What’s already out there for you in the Academy?
The AAD desires to offer outcomes based CME, among many other things.
We should always be asking: What can we immediately implement NOW to enhance patient care?
Workforce Shortage & Health Care Reform
MDs face a 27% SGR cut on 1/1/13!
Medicare funding for GME dollars (funding medical residents in all specialties) –> $15-69% billion at risk!
Hospitals and Universities are not likely to fund residents in Derm, because Derm residents provide no fiscal benefit back to the Hospital
The Last Word?
More emphasis on coordinated/preventative care = Greater need for PAs!




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