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Help Miles for Melanoma Reach A Million Miles In May

The SDPA is proud to support Miles for Melanoma and A Million Miles in May campaign. How many miles will you give to A Million Miles in May? Miles for Melanoma is challenging you to join their donors, staff, board, supporters, and advocates to go One Million Miles to raise awareness about the disease that claims lives every day of the year.

How you can help:

1. Miles for Melanoma encourages you to take on any activity of your choosing: walk, run, bike, skip, you get the idea!

2. If you already have plans for an activity in May, like a walk or other race, make sure to sign up and include those miles. Miles for Melanoma is also perfect for families, schools and clubs to do – create a team and get everyone to compete to win!

3. Use a pedometer or smart phone app to keep track of your miles.

4. Log your progress weekly at the Miles for Melanoma website.

5. At the end of the program Miles for Melanoma will add up all the miles that were logged. Will you help them meet their goal?

Are you up to the challenge? Your participation and awareness will help raise funds for research for effective treatments or even a cure for melanoma. Together we have many miles to go. 

Source: Miles for Melanoma

Image: BMclvr


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