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Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Psoriasis: Is There a Link?

Psoriasis is a chronic, immune-mediated, inflammatory skin disorder, associated with many other morbidities including other inflammatory autoimmune diseases. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (HT) is also a chronic autoimmune disorder that affects nearly 2% of the general population, and is ten times more prevalent in women than in men. HT and psoriasis coexist, but the link between the two disorders has not yet been established.

A recent study examined the medical records of a large urban population to determine whether a connection could be confirmed. Looking at records of medical encounters over a period of three years, 9,654 had a diagnosis of psoriasis, and 1,745 had a diagnosis of HT; of these patients, 41 patients were diagnosed with both disorders. The authors determined that after adjusting for confounding factors such as age, gender, psoriatic arthritis, and the use of systemic anti-psoriasis agents, a significant association for psoriasis with HT was detectable and a significant association for HT with psoriatic arthritis was detectable.

In the study population, HT prevalence was higher in women than men, while psoriasis had equal gender prevalence (1% for both). The authors note that these findings show a high association between HT and psoriasis, even in the male population; this association is especially important because the prevalence of autoimmune thyroiditis is often underestimated for men compared to women. They conclude that these new findings for this association deserve prioritized attention in patient care and clinical research.


Byline: Martha L. Sikes, MS, RPh, PA-C

Posted: June 21, 2017

Source: Wiley Online
Adapted from the original article.

[Image: DermNet New Zealand]

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