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Dermatology Providers Rank High in Physician Lifestyle Satisfaction Report

A recent survey demonstrated, yet again, that dermatologists consistently rank among the highest in lifestyle satisfaction in comparison to their peers. An overwhelming number of dermatologists said they are content at home and have excellent health. The majority of dermatologists also reported being “extremely happy about work.”

Quick Stats: How Dermatologists Answered
Report excellent health: 95%
Exercising twice a week: 73%
Content at home: 70%
Take dietary supplements: 66%
Extremely happy at work: 53%
Take vitamin D supplements: 37%
Reported obesity: 23%
Take more than 4 weeks vacation: 16%

While low number of dermatologists report taking more than 4 weeks of vacation a year, the researchers postulated that many physicians are very committed to their practices and patients, while also potentially linking to the fact that many dermatology health care providers are running private or small practices that require more time in-office.

Researchers also noted that two-thirds of dermatologists take supplements, with 37% taking vitamin D. This may not be surprising as so many dermatologists are insisting their patients get vitamin D from a source other than poolside sun or in tanning beds.

The overall list shows that those practicing in the dermatological field are content with their work and home lives, living balanced, healthy lives in their practices and with their life partners.

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Image: Rachel Kramer

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