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Chatting with Dr. Zirwas in Orlando

In case you missed the 9th Annual Fall Conference in Orlando, one of the highlights for many of us was a lecture series by Matthew Zirwas, MD. on “Things You Hate to Treat: Itching, Burning or Pain Without a Rash.”  


Dr. Zirwas is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at The Ohio State University College of Medicine.  He’s been featured on Dermcast in previous years, including his lectures on: “Managing Dermatitis Without Patch Testing”  and “Adult Atopic Dermatitis.” 


We tracked down Dr. Matthew Zirwas after his lecture series in November 2011 to ask him a few questions about the SDPA and its members.  Click here to watch a video of his interview.  


Stay tuned for the entire audio podcast of Dr. Zirwas’ lecture series at the November 2011 Annual Conference on Dermcast!

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