FDA Approves New Drug for Psoriatic Arthritis

In a statement released on March 21, 2014, the U.S Food and Drug Administration announced that the FDA approved a new drug to treat adults with active psoriatic arthritis (PsA). The new drug is “Otezla”, and Bill Berkot, in “Update 2- U.S.

FDA Approves New Drug for Tinea Corporis

The FDA recently approved a new drug application to treat tinea corporis, tinea cruris, and tinea pedis. The drug is luliconazole, a topical azole antifungal cream.

Luliconazole is approved for a 1-week, once-daily treatment regimen treatment course in adults over 18 years old with tinea corporis or tinea cruris. Treatment for interdigital tinea pedis is once daily for 2 weeks. 

Product Theater- Sponsored by Valeant - Imiquimod 5% cream - Dr. Batiav

This podcast is on the use of Imiquimod 5% cream with Dr. Batiav and was recorded at the 2013 Summer SDPA Conference in St. Louis.

Australia Bans Tanning Beds Nationally

Australia, home of some of the highest skin-cancer rates in the world, recently announced a complete ban on tanning beds. Skin cancer led to 2,000 deaths in 2011 in Australia and is responsible for 80% of all new cancer cases diagnosed each year. In light of these statistics, five of Australia’s eight states and territories plan on completely banning tanning beds by 2015; New South Wales is implementing the ban at the end of the year.

FDA Limits Usage of Nizoral (ketoconazole) Oral Tablets due to Potentially Fatal Liver Injury and More

FDA limits usage of Nizoral (ketoconazole) oral tablets due to potentially fatal liver injury and risk of drug interactions and adrenal gland problems

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