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[Breaking News] Info on the AAD’s New DermCare Team

The SDPA would like to inform its members that the AAD has begun to roll out the new DermCare Team. This has been in the works for nearly 2 years, during which time the AAD sought out input from the leaders of the SDPA. We are grateful that the AAD is embracing PAs as members of the DermCare Team as well as the time and effort that went into development of this program. Since our inception in the 1960’s, PAs have been promoting a team approach to medical practice, and as healthcare in the US continues to evolve, this approach is becoming more fully embraced. The SDPA Board of Directors is looking forward to fully evaluating the language and requirement of the final DermCare Team agreements. As always, the SDPA Board of Directors plans to continue to work with the AAD to promote our common interests in patient care, education and legislative issues among other things.

Before joining the new DermCare Team, it is important for SDPA members to fully understand that they will be required to sign an attestation statement that certifies that both they and their collaborating physician will abide by the Delegation and Supervision position statement of the AAD. That statement can be found here and should be reviewed by all of those planning to join the DermCare Team:

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination for all members of the team including the physician member. This information is accurate as of 11/9/13. The SDPA leadership has not yet seen the final language of the DermCare Team agreement though which may have changed.

While not a membership category with the AAD, becoming a part of the DermCare Team will allow PAs access to some password protected content at, discounts on education, electronic versions of JAAD and Dermatology World as well as networking events. The SDPA recognizes this is a major advance in our relationship with the AAD.

When more information has become available, the SDPA looks forward to putting out a position statement on the DermCare Team to help guide our members. As always, the SDPA stands ready to support our members with educational opportunities, business discounts, the JDPA and a library of PA specific material that covers everything from patient care to negotiating contracts. We have meetings scheduled with the AAD Board of Directors as well as members of the task force on the new DermCare Team during the annual AAD meeting in March. We will report any new information as it becomes available. We welcome your comments.


The SDPA Board of Directors


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