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AAD Issues New Guidelines for Atopic Dermatitis

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recently released the first of four sections pertaining to new evidence-based guidelines for atopic dermatitis (AD). The guidelines have been developed by a group of recognized experts of atopic dermatitis.

A patient’s quality of life can be significantly affected by the symptoms of AD, especially the itch and irritation. Because a misdiagnosis can contribute to a worsening of the disease, the president of the AAD feels it necessary to provide guidelines to accurately treat and diagnose AD. Following the guidelines will narrow the window to differentiate atopic dermatitis from other skin conditions.

The first section focuses on ways to diagnose and manage the disease. The key recommendations in the section are as follows:

·      It is not recommended to monitor patients’ immunoglobulin E levels as they do not correlate with the severity of the disease

·      Medical care providers should clarify with patients about persistence, severity of itch, and the impact on sleep and daily activity.

·      It is recommended that one consult with other specialties when working with patients presenting associated conditions that affect more than the skin (sleep issues, asthma, allergies, ADHD, and other psychological conditions).

The remaining three sections will be published later in 2014, focusing on management and treatment with topical therapies, systemic agents, adjunctive therapies, and how to prevent flares.

The full guidelines can be accessed on the Academy’s website.

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